New Macbook Air seduces me again...

I watched yesterday's Apple Keynote anxiously waiting for the new Macbook Air and Apple delivered again... and although I was hoping for a bigger breakthrough, the new Air is tempting enough to consider an upgrade from my current machine
There are two new Macbook Air models and I go with the "big one".

My current Macbook Air is my only computer. It's my day-to-day machine. When I'm at the office, I hook it up to the external display and I work on two monitors at a time. That's why I need the screen to be as big as possible. I'm going with the 13" model.

What I dig about the new Air? Double RAM, SDD disk size... and battery

Although I got used to constraints of 2 GB of RAM and only 128 GB SSD drive, and even the around 4-hour work time... I'll be more than happy to double these parameters as they were the kind of constraints I never got comfortable with.

  • 4 GB of RAM gives me all the power I need to launch bigger apps
  • 256 GB SSD gives me all the space I'll ever need on my local machine. The rest is kept safely on my Time Capsule.
  • 7+ hours of work gives me close to one full day of work which is precisely what I need. I'll hardly have to take my charger with me anymore.
  • Bonus: BIGGER SCREEN estate with 1440*900 screen vs my current 1280*800. Sweet.

What I don't like about the new Air?

Not too much, it's a beauty, but there are some things I could complain about:

Underpowered CPU - c'mon, my one-and-half year old Macbook Air will have the same processor speed as the new one. What happened with the Moore law and with doubling the power of chips every year?

SD card slot - why would I need that? I use iPhone 4 for photos, videos and everything. SD is the thing of the past for me. Although I understand some might need that.

Placement of Magsafe plug - I'd wanted to have it on the same side as the external monitor plug. This way I'd plug all the cables from one side. Well, you can't have everything :-)

Only 0.1 lbs lighter. I thought they'd push the weight even more down. Although I understand the batteries have to weight their thing.

But as you can see, it's hardly a lot to complain about. The benefits are clear and very appealing...

Will I get one? Definitely maybe.

I'm going to the States in one month so there'll be some time to see if the new Air suffers from the same overheating problems as the old one. Although even these problems can always be fixed with Coolbook and smcFanControl... but I'd rather Apple solved this once and for all.

If all goes well I'm getting one and I'm replacing my "old" Air with the new one. The benefits will help me get more done, 'cos after all my Macbook Air is my only machine and I want it to be the best one that gets me my job done.

Did you like the new Macbook Air? Which one are you getting?

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Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010 (apple,productivity)

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Paweł Krefta
Oct 21, 2010 16:03
I like new MBA very much : ) and
- following Moore law is not neccesary these days becouse 1,6Ghz processor is enough for 90% of every days tasks - even for coding in big IDEs. Currently the slowest component in todays machines is optical hard drive and thanks God Apple is getting rid of that.
- SD Slot - a lot of people have digital cameras and SD is some kind standard these days
- keyboard backlighting is missing :/
I'm only curious about heat issues - if they are gone 13,3 Air with 4GB RAM is my next machine. These beauties for sure wil be overpriced in Europe so I'll have to find way to get it for States.
Michael Sliwinski
Oct 22, 2010 09:25
No backlit keyboard on the new Macbook Air? It's the first time Apple sacrifices design over... what? Price? Thinness? Man, this is a real bummer... and next one comes with the lack of IR receiver and power indicator. While I can manage my Macbook Air with iPhone4 remote, I'm not sure I'll be able to live without the backlit keyboard...

Thanks for your comment, Pawel.

Oct 22, 2010 11:06
Nice job on the article Michael. I love the new MBA too, and i am going to ad:tech in NYC next week, and will probably end up grabbing two of these babies for both my wife & me. I think one of the biggest pluses is the instant on feature. Guys like you and me will dig it. Lack of backlit keyboard, if confirmed, is a serious bummer though :-(
Michael Sliwinski
Oct 22, 2010 13:22
Still I think 4GB Ram, 256 SSD, 7h battery and instant-on make the Macbook Air upgrade worthwhile. Just a shame they skipped on the backlit keyboard as I love this feature in my current MBA. Still you're spot on that folks who move a lot like us will appreciate the upgrade anyway. I'm going to Chicago in a few weeks so I'll probably be upgrading then. Safe travels and report back how your upgrade went and thanks for your comment, Simon :-)