Nozbe retreat - how to recharge batteries of your team

Today the last group of my Nozbe team members flew away home. We spent a whole week working together, dining together and enjoying each others' company - it was a blast!

We all work from home

We are a group of 9 people working on Nozbe and we all work from home. Everyone lives in a different city and we don't see each other daily. Heck, we see each other once, maybe twice or thrice a year.

And the whole team together at one place? This happens only once a year if at all. Now we'll make it a habit of doing it at least once a year. Maybe twice. We'll see, but at least once is a must.

We are only humans and we work with… other humans

That's why we need human contact. I love working from home but I also love meeting people. Especially the ones I work with. That's why it was so good to be together this time for an entire week (my CTO Tomasz came for the whole month).

Some people I've seen for the first time!

That's right. Since I hired some folks over Skype, it was the first time I saw them ever. Isn't that cool? With Iwona, our customer support gal, we've been working for almost a year now and it's the first time we met. With Radek, our chief designer it's been almost half a year of working together without seeing each other.

Beyond our expectations

We were anxious about meeting and spending a whole week together. We know each other via Skype, shared projects in Nozbe or Email and we liked each other pretty much, but to be "physically" in the same place for a week is a different thing. Fortunately, it looks that good relationships via the digital communications proved even better in real life.

Thanks to my team and hopefully see you soon!

We left back to our homes and to our duties. Now we feel even more empowered and motivated to work together and we've got so many great things ahead of us for Nozbe. Let's make it happen now!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 (business)

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