✘ How to deal with Chinese providers, manage family life and productivity - my interview with Bogdan Wicinski (in Polish) [for the: Productive! Magazine Poland issue 13]

Our Polish franchise of [Productive! Magazine][] is doing really great! It's got an almost monthly schedule with great interviews and fantastic contributors. This time, I'm interviewing Bogdan Wicinski of Manta SA - one of the leading Polish electronics importer and manufacturer. Please note that the interview and the entire magazine is in Polish. Here are a few quotes from the magazine - get it from the App Store or Google Play:

Productive! Magazine Poland issue 13

"...frequent travels to China impact my health, I work a lot, I don't deal well with the jet lag. It's not easy..." "...I started my first business at school and later continued through college. I was involved with music industry as well!" "...I'm a leader and I couldn't work for someone else. I had to start my companies and with Manta I'm already 17 years in..." "...I try to spend as much time with kids as possible. The family brings sense to all the hard work I'm putting into all this..."

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Posted on Thursday, June 4, 2015 (link,interview)

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