Productive! Magazine 13 with Graham Allcott

Last week we launched the latest issue of the Productive! Magazine with Graham Allcott on the cover and my interview with him about the concepts behind his new book where he explains how to become a "Productivity Ninja" :-)

Here's the cover:


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Magazine will always be free. I do it because I love doing it and I love getting to know new people in my "productivity industry" and for this issue I received many great new contributions and connected with some amazing folks.

The only change I did this time is that from now on, to download the latest issue I do ask you to sign up for our Newsletter. This ensures that I can email you about new issues and stay in touch. I decided it's time to build a great "productivity community" and this is how I'm getting started.

Let me know what you think! And who to include next?

Each issue I get to interview someone really cool. This time it was a person I knew before, a good friend and a real "productivity ninja" - Graham Allcott. To learn all about him, get the magazine and watch this short interview I did with him:

Posted on Monday, September 3, 2012 (magazine)

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