Productive Magazine #6 iPad app with #5 inside :-)

We're already preparing Productive! Magazine #7 with Michael Hyatt and the Productive Magazine #6 finally hit the AppStore: Meet Stever Robbins on the iPad The new iPad app is a free update to all current iPad app users, so you have now two magazines at a price of one: (magazine #5 and #6): And we've got some more enhancements like table of contents as a pop-up to help you navigate: And at the end of each article you can learn more about the author and visit their sites and Twitter accounts: Hope you'll have a great read this Christmas with the new Productive Magazine iPad app. Get the app from the Appstore ... or update your app if you have already purchased one... Please post your comments on the app in iTunes to help us spread the word, thanks!

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010 (ipad,magazine)

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