Productive! Magazine iPad app tops Appstore charts! Thank you!

Wow, I suspected that releasing the Productive! Magazine iPad app for free would boost our readership but I never suspected that we'd get that far! Just checked our stats on the US Appstore and we're no. 15 on the Free iPad apps list in "Lifestyle" category - the most crowded magazine-specific category on the Appstore! Here you go: Productive! Magazine tops Appstore charts Help us get to Top 10! We're still not in the top ten, so please help us spread the word and help us climb up there! Incredible, we're way ahead of such popular titles like "Martha's Stewart Living Magazine" (#16), "Project Magazine" (#31) or Glamour (#33). Did you ever suspect that a niche "productivity magazine", compiled by a bunch of productivity enthusiasts could compare and fight with these mainstream publications? Well, to quote US president Obama: "yes, we can!" :-)

Productive! Magazine Editor with the iPad

Click to get the Productive! Magazine iPad app from the Appstore Click to view past issues of the Productive! Magazine PDF (#1-#7) Yours productively, - Michael, editor of the Productive! Magazine P.S. We're now preparing to convert Productive! Magazine #1 with David Allen to the iPad and you should receive it as a push notification next month. So stay tuned!

Productive! Magazine Notification

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2011 (ipad,magazine)

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