✔ Productive! Magazine is growing with the first issue of a Dutch version!

When in 2008 I launched the Productive! Magazine as a free PDF I had one thing in mind: I'm already offering a great productivity tool... but what is a tool without a constant flood of inspiration?

Fast forward today and not only do we have Productive! Magazine as a monthly magazine in the form of an app for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms... but the "productivity platofrm" I initiated has now local versions in Polish, Spanish, Japanese and now... (drumrolls!) in Dutch!

Productive! Magazine Dutch

I'm really proud of our Productive! Magazine Dutch team:

  • Fokke Koistra of Think Productive Benelux - editor in chief
  • Callista Vink - assistant editor
  • Magda Blaszczyk - executive editor of Productive! Magazine and coordinator of all the issues together with Radziu and Radek of our Nozbe team.

What's in the first issue of the Dutch magazine?

Interview with yours truly as well as articles by leading Dutch-speaking productivity experts like: Gonny van der Zwaag, Bart Timmers, Grace Marshall, Frank Meeuwsen, Marcel van der Berg, Martijn Aslander... as well as Graham Allcott and Juan Antonio Dominion.

As always - the idea is that our localized magazines are really local - written by local experts and for the local community... and in 2015 the Dutch version will be a quarterly magazine... and if it gains traction Fokke promised to prepare new issues more frequently, so make sure to check it out, if you speak Dutch!

Fun fact: When I launched Nozbe back in 2007 I posted about it on Frank Meeuwsen's blog "What's the Next Action?" and that post catapulted Nozbe's popularity. Now Frank is a good friend and one of the contributors to our magazine. World is indeed a small place... and a great (and productive!) one at that!

Question: Have you checked our local versions of Productive! Magazine? Which ones? Do you read regularly our main magazine?

Posted on Friday, December 19, 2014 (productivity,magazine)

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