☆ Why and How to become an early riser - interview with Karol Zielinski [in Polish for: Productive! Mag Poland]

Another fine issue of our Productive! Magazine In Polish is out where I interview a friend and a CEO of PayLane through which we process payments at Nozbe. Check out these few quotes or read the entire issue on your iOS device or Android:

Karol Zielinski

"I hated waking up early but I wanted to make more time for business, writing and family..."

"I discovered that between 5-7 am I could get so much stuff done! What a change."

"The trick I use is to choose something very exciting for the morning. Something I can't wait to be doing. Just like a child who's expecting to play!"

Jump to read the entire interview in the issue 14 (in Polish) »

Posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 (productivemag)

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