✔ Nozbe's BACKTOWORK promo - why are we doing promotions anyway? (Hint: to motivate!)

Today we just launched a new Nozbe promo, called "GetToWork". We'll announce it tomorrow on our blog, social media and newsletter. I'm writing this post here on my personal blog, on the eve of officially starting the promo, to answer only one question: Why are we doing a Nozbe promo anyway? Why are we giving these huge discounts now?

Nozbe Promo

Before I answer let me explain how this promotion works:

Normally when you order Nozbe, you can pay either monthly or yearly. And when you choose a yearly payment, we actually reward you with a 20% discount. That's like having a little over 2 months of Nozbe free. Now with this year's promo, if you use coupon code BACKTOWORK your yearly payment will be further discounted by 17% which basically means, you'll get 12 months worth of Nozbe by paying for only 8!

Now, why do we do this promotion and why now?

Let's start with the obvious reason: it's not only about the money. Yes, we get a few additional orders because of this but it's not only about that. I wouldn't discount my product if it weren't for a more important reason.

It's because I want to improve people's productivity.

You know me. Productivity is my passion.

Promotions work, because people invest...

I know promotions work, because once people have invested in something with their hard-earned money, they're far more likely to stick to it. And over the 8+ years of running Nozbe I know that when people choose to pay they'll choose to use the tool... and they'll get organized. I have thousands of happy users to prove it.

And after good vacations, people need to get organized to get their NY resolutions and goals done.

But there's more. You'll see on Thursday.

Today is just the beginning. On Thursday I'll finally unveil the 3-step free productivity video series I wrote about yesterday. This will be even more interesting. Stay tuned.

Question: Do promotions work in your business? If you're a customer, do you take advantage of them? Do promotions motivate you to invest in the product?

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Posted on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 (business)

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