✔️ [TV appearance!] Nozbe’s TGIF - Thank Goodness It’s Friday on Polish national television - how to work smarter?

As I’ve written here, and on the NoOffice blog and on Nozbe blog, today is Friday and in our company we treat this day differently - we don’t do the usual work - we focus on getting the weekly review done and later each member of our team can design this day the way they want: do something for personal development, catch up on reading, conference watching, learning new skills... or simply run errands - it’s all up to them... and last month our system got the attention of the Polish national breakfast television and I had a privilege of being there:

Nozbe’s TGIF - Thank Goodness It’s Friday on Polish national television - how to work smarter?

Watch the program with yours truly on television (in Polish)

How do you do Fridays?

Please read how we do them at Nozbe and if you have any questions, let me know!

And if you want to know the back story how I got to TV, here it is:

Polish national breakfast television asked me to be on the air live - how did I get there?

It’s a funny story actually. We introduced this TGIF policy two years ago and some portals and newspapers wrote about it... but that’s it. However, last month suddenly I was approached by a reporter from the biggest financial portal in Poland, money.pl and he wanted to write about it.

The story caught on and even landed briefly on the main page of one of Polish biggest portals “Wirtualna Polska”:

Then we had our Nozbe Reunion in Krakow...

And while being there I got an email from one of the producers of Polish breakfast tv, “Pytanie na Sniadanie” whether I wanted to be there on Friday - which by coincidence was perfect timing as I wanted to go to Warsaw on Friday anyway... so I went from Krakow on Thursday evening, got a room close to the TV station and in the morning I was there... for full 8 minutes :-)

How was it to be on TV?

The program was very short and we were three guests in 8 minutes so I had to fight for my time on air as I tried to explain that Friday is my Nozbe really is.

I had to explain that it’s not a completely free day, but we have to do a weekly review and after that we can design this day by ourselves. That we don’t do the usual work on Fridays and we focus on personal development because when else should you develop yourself? There’s never time for that... hence we chose Friday for it!

Anyway, it was fun to be on TV, even for a brief moment... and the best part for me was that in that morning my wife went down with the kids before school and at 8 am they could turn on the television and see their dad on the screen. They were so proud :-)

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2018 (productivity,guest,video)

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