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When I founded Nozbe productivity was not my passion. It was my problem. And my web app was meant to be my solution. It helped. Me and tens of thousands busy professionals and small companies around the globe. Fast forward 4 years later and productivity has become my passion... or better yet - helping myself and many others become productive became my calling and motivation to do what I do, every single day. After Nozbe I started doing Productive! Magazine and Show It is a fun ride to be able to compile great productivity tips and tricks from the best bloggers on the Internet and put them in a free, downloadable PDF format. The same kind of fun bring me the short 2-minute videos I'm recording every now and then. New Productivity Hub - The Productive Firm I've been asked several times to do the magazine and the show on a more consistent basis... and I decided to give it a go, but maintaining two different productivity sites didn't seem like a scalable idea and I wanted to focus more on Productivity in small and medium-sized companies... just like mine. Thus Productive Firm was born: Some of the definitions of being "Productive":
  • Yielding favorable or useful results; constructive.
  • Involved in the creation of goods and services to produce wealth or value.
  • Effective in achieving specified results; originative
Some of the definitions of a "Firm":
  • a business partnership
  • any commercial enterprise
When you mix both of these you'll get this site's mission statement:
"To help any commercial enterprise (big or small) become effective in achieving specified results - that is - create goods and services that produce wealth and value"
This is why in both my future issues of the magazine and show episodes I'll focus on tips and tricks that will help you and your venture get a lot more done and be more productive. Hope you'll join me and my team on this journey. - Michael Sliwinski Founder of Nozbe.com, Editor of the Productive Magazine and a guy recording quick, 2-minute Productive Shows.

Posted on Monday, October 4, 2010 (firm)

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