✔ WWDC'14 - iOS8, Mac OSX Yosemite and our Nozbe 2.0 development = my crazy ideas :-)

Yesterday in San Francisco, Apple kicked off WWDC, a developer conference with big announcements regarding both of their operating systems. I watched the live-stream (couldn't attend) and was very impressed. In this post I'd like to share my thoughts on how these announcements will impact our Nozbe apps, and why I'm so excited about it. And there are so many ideas:

WWDC'14 - iOS8, Mac OSX Yosemite and our Nozbe 2.0 development

Note: The above Instagram picture of me installing iOS8 on my iPod touch and later my iPad mini, was the one of the most liked pics in my Instagram history. Being a geek myself, I do appreciate my "geeky" audience :-)

Now back to WWDC. Both of the OSes are impressive. The cloud component even more (something we've been talking about for a long long time), and the interaction between devices and apps on the devices perfectly blends with our "OneNozbe" strategy, so we're definitely on the right track with Nozbe 2.0, but there's more:

Design - Nozbe will look at home on both your Mac and your iOS device

Just yesterday I posted about our design process and it turns out that our pretty bold moves in design will pay off as Nozbe already looks great on both the Yosemite Mac and the iOS: iPhone and iPad (yes, we got it running on all these three devices with beta new OSes and Nozbe looks great there!).

Nozbe 2.0 will ship before iOS8 and Mac OSX 10.10...

We will not wait until fall. No way. Our customers have been waiting too long for our new Nozbe and we're going to ship it this Summer as promised. Actually, the public beta will sart in just a few weeks. This way you'll have a glimpse at the future of Nozbe and I'm sure you'll love it.

... but Nozbe 2.x will be an exciting upgrade with the new OSes

No. Unfortunately after our 2.0 launch we won't be able to just coast from there... we'll have a really busy Summer. We'll be adding a few things to Nozbe that will take advantage of the new OS:

  • Notification screen gadget - our Android customers have been asking for an official Nozbe gadget for a while now... we'll develop it along a great Notification center gadget for iOS8 and Mac OSX. It will show you the most urgent upcoming tasks... and the incoming comments... and you'll be able to add tasks directly from it. Sweet.
  • Actions - inside any app, just tap to "Share" and you'll be able to add this object (Pages document, PDF, youtube video, tweet... you name it) as a task with it attached as a comment to the task. Directly to your Nozbe. Now this will be cool!
  • iCloud drive - jury is still out on this one, but I'm seeing two possibilities here - one - to just support iCloud drive and attach files from there to Nozbe tasks (duh!)... but we can even take it to a new level and offer attachments you already have in Nozbe in your iCloud drive directly, so you can manipulate them with other apps... what do you think?
  • Siri - I know, there's no Siri API just yet. But we'll figure this out anyway and Siri will help you add tasks to Nozbe. Don't worry, we got this. :-)
  • Extensions - Nozbe will work better with cherry-picked apps (Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Pages...) to support these directly from Nozbe. Possibilities here are infinite...
  • Interactive push notifications - I'm still not sure how it's done but we'll figure it out - you get a push with a task to do by someone, you can reply in comment directly from push or delegate it to someone else... or have it "done" right there from the push.

So what do you think? I'm pumped!

I wrote this post without consulting my developers, so I might get some real akward moments internally when they see what I'm just about to promise to you... but the above is not a promise, these are real possibilities and ideas and I'm asking for yours. What do you think? How do you think we can take the amazing Nozbe 2.0 to a whole new level with iOS8 and Mac OSX Yosemite?

Question: Ideas? Comments? Excited?

Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 (mac,iphone,ipad)

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