Zen Home-Working Environment - a cool business idea

Recently I just stumbled upon a great web site and business idea... of a British company that offers beautiful, zen-like office spaces for home workers... to put in their gardens (OfficePOD):
Bare-bones office with cool design

Actually what more do you need. If you have a garden where you can put this kind of office, it seems for me a perfect place to work. Lots of fresh air when you need it, because of the glass feels spacious and the design creates a very nice environment.

Teleworking (Telecommuting) at its best

They don't sell these things - they lease them to companies who want their employees to work remotely. It's a great idea, because this nice office helps overcome the most important problems of teleworking:

- office in the same place where you sleep - not anymore, you actually have to leave the house to go to your "office"

- office environment not properly set up - again, the employer can prepare the office setup the way he wants so the employee has everything they need to get the job done, even furniture :-)

- lack of office feel to the home office - again, not anymore, this office feels like office... but then again, because it's located in a garden, feels like a "nice office" - so you switch to a nicer work environment than your good old cubicle in the old building.

The only problem I see here is if... well... you don't have a garden. Other than that it's really cool.

Congratulations to creators of this office space for this fantastic business idea. Hope it spreads the idea of working remotely from home.

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What do you think? Would you like to work in a home office like this?

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Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 (business,office,productivity)

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